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As part of our product offering at StackCommerce, we offer white-labeled shops to publishers. There was a segment of publishers our business team was trying to partner with that expressed interest in having a white-labeled shop dedicated to elearning as opposed to our regular shops. Elearning courses make up a large part of the inventory we promote so we wanted to build a dedicated academy shop for elearning products. We call these Academies and we needed a stand alone brand, separate from our other owned & operated shops, to act as the foundation of our Academy platform.

We found our users came to our site because they had something specific they wanted to learn or get better at. Instead of just having one deal featured as the hero, I wanted to provide a way for our users to choose a skill they wanted to learn in a meaningful way. The goal was to provide a guided hybrid search option in the UI front and center. I want to...

Colors play a big role in the design of Skillwise. Each category has its own color which helped to reinforce what category you were viewing while also fitting the overall aesthetic of the images we use for each course.

When it came to the sale pages, we have two types of sales on Skillwise; bundles and solo sales. Since these are courses we wanted to call out course-specific attributes and information that users would want to know before making a purchase. Specifically we highlight elements like course outlines, number of lessons, length of content and duration of ownership.

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