StackCommerce Redesign


StackCommerce is a content/commerce platform for publishers, affiliates and brands. Our existing site was outdated and did little to tell the story of what we do as a company which left many people with questions about what it is we do exactly. There are many different aspects to our business which can be somewhat complex so being able to tell our story effectively was challenging but key. So it was decided it was time we revamp our company website and through cross-team collaboration we were able to get the right pieces of our story to put together.

Story First

Before any actual design was done we started with the information architecture to outline the story we had come up with. Taking a "story first" approach really helped guide the entire design process and ensured we were building around our main objective.

When it came to the how it works section, we originally listed out all of the steps but quickly realized it took up quite a bit of space and made the page a lot longer. We then came up with a solution that didn't take up a lot of space and added a level of interaction to the page which allowed the user to simply scroll through the different steps of how our business works.