Room Service Concept


The method and process of ordering room service today is antiquated and limited. As a hotel guest I would like more flexibilty and options to order room service.

Limitations of Current Room Service Process

  • The most common way to order room service is to pick up a hotel phone and dial in to order room service. This means someone has to be at the hotel to make the call, another person has to answer the phone, take their order, write it down, then send it off to the kitchen
  • Guest has to be at the hotel, use a hotel phone, and have access to the room service menu
  • Sometimes limited menu options
  • No notification process for when your room service is coming

Overview of Expectations

  • Order room service while in my room without picking up the hotel phone
  • Order room service from my device remotely from the hotel
  • Option to schedule room service for later or asap
  • Option to order from nearby restaurants
  • Push notifications for status updates

Two Solutions

  • Native TV room service app for in-room ordering
  • Hotel room service mobile app for remote ordering

Room Service TV App

Room Service Mobile App

Future Vision

    In addition to ordering from your TV there could eventually be a device that allows guests to order room service with only their voice. This smart device would act as your personal butler and could process your entire order without even picking up a remote. His name is Simon.

Meet Simon