Lucky Shops


Lucky Shops was the result of the Beachmint/Lucky Magazine merger that took place in September of 2014. Beachmint was a subscription commerce platform for women's fashion and Lucky Magazine was a popular women's fashion magazine. The two companies merged to form The Lucky Group and the new company initiative was to create a site that was a blend of content & commerce. The goal of this site was to seamlessly blend content from Lucky Magazine into a commerce platform. The site consisted of a mix of articles and products while also incorporating space for advertisements.

This process started out with over 60 pages of wireframes but unfortunately those are lost. This was the visual result.


Category Page With Filters Expanded

Category Page Mobile

Slideshows were a big part of Lucky Magazine so we knew we needed to support them in this new shop but we now wanted to make them 'shopable' too. To do that, I came up with an idea to make it easy for users to buy the products they were viewing in the slide without having to leave the slide. To accomplish this we added a "Shop Outfit" CTA which when clicked, toggled the reveal of the products featured in that slide.

Again, keeping with the theme of content and commerce we wanted to include a mix of related content as well as products on the product detail page. If the particular product or brand you were viewing was featured in an article, we'd showcase that.

Checkout Flow