Hive is a simple, yet powerful, custom CMS product we built at StackCommerce to store and deliver all of the custom content we write about our products for our publishers. We have a team of content writers and editors that use this product to create the articles which then our AM team can use to distrube to our publishers. Before this, we were using Google Docs to write and deliver our content which became very disorganized and hard to track. This project involved working closely with our Account Managers, Content team, and Business teams.

Articles can have 3 states so we built an index page where the articles would live in different states. This allowed the appropriate stakeholders to know where the articles were and which state they were in. An article starts out as a task in SalesForce so we have coorsponding Salesforce IDs for each article which link to the original task in SalesForce.

This is where the article is written. Our team of writers use this to create the article and our content editors use this to review the article. We have integrations into our Admin platform which serves sale specific content needed for the article including sale images and videos. Copying these assets copies a dynamically generated link with all of the respectful UTMs included.

We needed to find a way to be able to easily give our editors & partners the ability to preview the article of what it will roughly look like. Our editors use this to vet the article and our publishers use this to download all of the content to then insert into their CMS.

After we launched the first version, we started working on some enhancements to help make the content delivery process even more seamless. That it when we built our Wordpress VIP plugin, StackCommerce Connect which allows us to directly build and schedule posts from Hive directly into our publisher's Wordpress CMS.